(FD21-0402) Problem-solving in Mathematics – Meaning, Analysis and Assessment

Part 1: What is TIMSS?(1 hour) - Introduction to TIMSS - Assessment framework of the mathematics component in TIMSS - The relations between the mathematics assessment framework in TIMSS and the mathematics curriculum framework in Macao Part 2: Problem-solving in Mathematics(1 hour) - What is “problem-solving in mathematics?”, strategies in problem-solving and analysis of students’ thinking process - Problem-solving, mathematics in daily life, and the construction of mathematics knowledge - How to use the TIMSS data to analyse students’ understanding of “problem-solving in mathematics” and improve students’ confidence and experience in solving mathematics problems Part 3: Teaching and Learning of Mathematics(2 hours) - Using TIMSS items to analyse the process of mathematics reasoning, and to explore the strategies of teaching - Group discussion on mathematics teaching in the classroom Assessment: Questionnaire

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