About the exhibition 關於展覽

We may easily associate light decline with melancholy but it may make sense to look at it as an opportunity to recognize the value of dusk, the blooming and singing of the dark, in an increasingly illuminated world.We need the world of shadows, those things that cannot be easily explained, that we suspect or imagine, but we don’t know and all those other areas of our lives that are defined by gradations of uncertainty. The ambiguity of the transient has a special place in human thinking and perception. These paintings obscure categories of foreground and background, object and context, and evoke a free sense of natural length. The result is an assemblage of atmospheres arising from rhythm, materiality, light and color, rather than singular form.

我們可能很容易會將光的黯淡和憂鬱聯繫起來,但亦可把此看作一個機會,讓我們在一個日益被照明的世界,認識到黃昏的價值、黑夜的綻放和歌唱。我們的世界需要有黑影的存在,它們不容易解釋、是我們的懷疑或想像,但我們並不知道,我們生活中的各個領域都是由不同層次的不確定描繪出來的。光陰流逝的含糊,在人類的思維和感知上擔當著一個特別的角色。這些作品掩蓋了不同種類的前景和背景、主體和背景,並喚起自然長度的官感。比起單一形態,其作品是節奏、 實體、光線與顏色氛圍的集合。

About the artist關於藝術家

Sofia Arez’s art is driven by her interests in nature, perception, and asceticism. Her work is a constant dialogue, it progresses as a “conversation” between the maker and the spontaneous ideas suggested by the work itself, and the unexpected happens in the creative process. Art, for her, is a crucial means for thinking and doing. Arez’s diverse works – in sculpture, drawing, painting, photography, video, and installations – have been exhibited in Europe and Asia. Not limited to the confines of the museum and gallery, her practice engages the society through educational activities and interventions in public space.

Sofia Arez was born in Lisbon in 1972 and holds a master in painting by the University of Lisbon. She lives and works in Macau.

She did a number of solo exhibitions, including Abandonment, Fundação Oriente, Macau (2014), Abandono, Monastery of Saint Mary, Alcobaça (2013), In-Finite, Sala do Veado, Lisbon (2011), Sofia Arez, Galeria Fábulas, Lisbon (2008), Place of the Observer, Centro Nacional de Cultura, Lisbon (2003), Place of Being, Palácio da Independência, Lisbon (1998), and Rites of Passage, Casa do Corpo Santo, Setúbal (1996).

Arez's work can be found in public collections such as Fundação Oriente, Museu Arqueológico do Carmo, Jersey Museum, Casa das Artes de Vila Nova de Famalicão, Centro Nacional de Cultura, Museus Municipais de Setúbal; and private collections in China, England, France, Jersey, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland.

索菲婭 • 愛蕾絲的作品主要受其對大自然、感知和苦行主義方面的興趣影響。她的作品是恆常的對話,其後發展成作者與作品本身帶出的想法之間的「對話」,及在創作階段中意外發生的事情。

藝術對她來說,是思考和實行的重要工具。 愛蕾絲多樣化的作品,如雕塑、素描、繪畫、攝影、錄像和裝置藝術已分別在歐洲和亞洲展出。不止局限於博物館和畫廊,她亦通過從事教育工作和藝術介入公共領域活動與社會接觸。

索菲婭 • 愛蕾絲一九七二年出生於里斯本,並在里斯本大學美術學院取得繪畫專業碩士學位。現於澳門生活和工作。

個人藝術展覽: 2014      «《捨棄》», 作於澳門,東方基金會,澳門、2013«《捨棄》»,聖母瑪利亞修道院,阿爾庫巴塞、2011 “《無限》”,“鹿” 展覽畫廊,(Sala do Veado), 里斯本、 2008《索菲婭 • 愛蕾絲》,Fábulas 寓言畫廊 (Galeria Fábulas),里斯本、2003“《觀望 之處》”, 國家文化中心,里斯本、1998“《存在之處》”,解放大樓,里斯本、1996 “《禮儀之道》”,聖體之家,塞圖巴爾。

作品收藏集合 (Collections): 東方基金會、Fundação Oriente嘉模考古博物館、Museu Arqueológico do Carmo澤西博物館、Jersey Museum法馬利康新鎮藝術中心、Casa das Artes de Vila Nova de Famalicão國家文化中心、Centro Nacional de Cultura塞圖巴爾市博物館。Museus Municipais de Setúbal在中国,西班牙、英国,法國国,、英國、澤西泽西岛,、瑞士、澳門和葡萄牙,西班牙和瑞士的私人收藏品。

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